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gadd_sex's Journal

4 February 1965
Of All the Girls I've Loved - a Journal of Desires or,
Peenies and Pussies and Titties (Oh My!)

It makes me think of sex. Everything makes me think of sex.
(-- Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, on viewing the Grand Canyon in 1959)

Reading Is Good for You

Reading Is Good for You

Actually, buddy, sex is something to laugh about. And cry about. And get drunk over. And don't even get me started on the subject of love ...

Not new to livejournal; I have another, a public, journal, but if you don't already know what it is, I probably won't tell you. I want to re-embrace the freedom of anonymity; to create literate smut; to contemplate Eros, mine and possibly yours; to consider the past, condemn the present and maybe create the future. If I can at the same time help you to rock your johnson, oil your kitty or otherwise make you hope your grandmother doesn't walk while you're reading (ask me about that sometime; I might tell you), I'll consider it a job double-well done!

This journal contains erotic fantasy and memoir (all the names have been changed, even my own; photos involving real people - ie, those who haven't already strewn their naughty bits to the four winds of the internet- will have identifying characteristics blacked-out or otherwise altered. I know, it's less fun that way, but, ya know, it's the Right Thing To Do) and I'll do my best to keep explicit photos behind a cut. But I make no promises; this is a sex journal: don't blame me if you're boss sees you eyeing a wide open split beaver, or my own magnificent member when you're supposed to be performing your duty as a Human Resource.

In other words, due to the lunatic neo-puratinism of modern North American society (particularly that strange and terrible bunch on the southern half of the continent), this journal is friends-only. You must be 18 or over to read this journal. Or else figure out how to lie to Livejournal itself, which of course, you would never do.

All that said, I welcome new readers. If you decide to friend me, please let me know; I'll almost certainly return the favour. If you decide you ain't buyin' what I'm sellin', you can remove me from your list, no hard feelings (at least none that I'll admit to).

Call me David.

The author is 43, straight and male, but has been declared an honourary queer. He first came to appreciate women as sex objects when he was in kindergarten. Nevertheless, he has tried men a few times - which confirmed he is inately heterosexual, a bedroom top who also likes to cuddle. He has been involved with women as much as 11 years older and 22 years younger than himself. If he has a "type" it runs to strong, smart, slender and just a little off-beat: Sarah Polley or Sook Yin Lee, not Angelina Jolie.

He lives in Toronto, he likes his cat, he's just finished the first draft of a novel (not smut!) and ladies, he's single!

Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by or of the author, as with the words. Whether or not it's legal here in Canada, the contents are issued under the Creative Commons framework. In other words, non-commercial reproduction is okay, but you must do so without any changes and you must inform me.

That's it.

May 20, 2008